Understanding Office Rental Fees: A Comprehensive Guide


As an essential part of business operations, renting an office space is a significant decision that can greatly impact the development of a company. However, before entering into any office lease agreement, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the associated fees.

In this article, King Office will guide you through the various aspects of office rental fees, providing you with a comprehensive overview to assist you in making informed choices and negotiating lease contracts.

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Types of Office Rental Fees You Need to Know

Fixed Costs

When renting an office space, businesses are typically responsible for various expenses, including both fixed costs and variable costs, also known as usage-based expenses.

Picture: Fixed Costs

Fixed costs are those that remain constant throughout the duration of the agreed lease contract. The following are examples of fixed costs:

Rent: This is the amount agreed upon in the office lease contract, such as $30 per square meter for a specific period of time.

Service Fees (Management Fees): These are fees paid for using the services and facilities provided by the office building. Service fees encompass various elements, including security, reception services, cleaning, water usage in restrooms, lighting and air conditioning in common areas, elevator operation and maintenance, landscaping, and other services.

Value Added Tax (VAT): This is a tax applied to services and goods, including office rentals. The VAT rate is determined by the law and is calculated based on the total value of the office rent.

Variable costs are expenses that can fluctuate based on actual usage and are typically paid on a monthly basis.

Variable Costs

Picture: Variable Costs

Variable costs in office rentals refer to expenses that can vary over time or based on different factors during the office leasing process. Some common examples of variable costs are:

Electricity and Air Conditioning Usage: Grade A and Grade B office buildings typically include electricity and air conditioning costs in the monthly service fees. However, for Grade C buildings, electricity and air conditioning costs are often not included in the service fees. Based on actual statistics, if billed separately, the average office retal fees for electricity and air conditioning is around $1-1.5 per square meter per month, depending on usage time, air conditioning type, and its condition (new or old).

Office Electricity Consumption: Businesses are responsible for paying for the amount of electricity consumed within the office space and used during the month.

Water Charges: Not all rented offices have separate water usage fees. Some offices include water charges in the building’s service fees, while others calculate it based on the actual monthly water consumption. This is particularly applicable to companies renting apartments or residential houses as office spaces.

Car and Motorcycle Parking Fees: Some buildings offer free parking based on the rented office area, but not all buildings have this preferential policy. Negotiating parking fees should be done when signing the lease agreement.

Costs Incurred During the Lease Term

Leasehold Surrender Costs

Every office lease contract clearly stipulates that upon the termination of the lease, the tenant is responsible for bearing the leasehold surrender costs as received from the building owner, deducting reasonable wear and tear. This includes expenses for demolition, cleaning of all partitions, and the restoration of built-in and installed interior constructions.

Interior Fit-Out Service Costs

Interior fit-out service costs incurred before moving in are an additional expense. These are service fees that businesses have to pay when hiring contractors to perform office interior fit-out works. While the office rent is usually waived during this phase, landlords often charge for other services such as electricity, water, and similar fees.

Unusual Additional Costs: Overtime Fees

Overtime fees are costs that you have to pay to the building or landlord for utilizing services outside of regular working hours. These services may include air conditioning system usage, electricity fees for common areas, water fees for restrooms, staff salaries for operation and security personnel, and elevator electricity charges.

Picture: Overtime Fees

Most leased office buildings apply higher overtime fees compared to regular working hours. As a result, many companies discourage employees from working overtime to reduce office rental expenses and save on labor costs.

If your company requires regular overtime work, it is advisable to seek office spaces for rent with reasonable overtime fees and negotiate this office rental fee with the landlord when signing the contract.

Please note that the charging of overtime fees may vary depending on the policy of each building, with some buildings applying the office rental fee while others do not.

Some Notes on Office Rental Fee 

When renting an office space, there are several important considerations regarding related costs that you should take into account and discuss before signing a contract.

Picture: Some Notes on Office Rental Fees 

Adjustment of office rental prices: For lease contracts with a term of less than 3 years, the rental price usually remains stable or only has minor fluctuations. However, for long-term contracts, the rental price may be adjusted after a certain period, typically every 2 years, depending on the market conditions (usually trending upward).

Clear determination of the payable office space: Professional office spaces can be measured using three different methods: gross area, net leasable area, or usable area within the walls. The actual rented area is the space that your business utilizes. In the case of renting a house or apartment for office use, the rented area is calculated based on the entire building or the actual number of floors rented.

Payment terms: Payment terms, payment deadlines, and the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the payment process should be clearly agreed upon with the office owner.

Maintenance costs: These are costs incurred for maintaining equipment and systems in the office, such as elevators, air conditioning systems, electricity, water, office cleaning, etc. Maintenance costs are usually higher for Class A offices compared to Class B or C.

Other incidental costs: These include office design costs, repairs, system upgrades, equipment installation, furniture, etc.

Electricity and water costs: These are monthly expenses for using electricity and water in the office. Typically, the landlord will charge for electricity and water based on the government rates plus service fees.

Above is an overview of office rental fees and important factors to consider when renting an office space. Understanding the related costs and contract terms will help you avoid unexpected surprises and optimize your business’s financial efficiency.

When renting an office, always engage in specific discussions and negotiations with the office owner to ensure that both parties have a complete understanding of the fees, payment terms, and other relevant factors. By making these efforts, you can ensure a smart and sustainable office rental decision for the growth of your business.

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